About us

BY-entO s.r.l. is a newly born entrepreneurial reality in the biotechnology realm. This innovative start up took off after winning the business competition StartCup Emilia Romagna 2015. Its idea offers animal feed based on insects and compost by productive recycling. The growth, new experiences and knowledge acquired together with the evolution innate in BY-entO, opened up to new boundaries redefining the business. Breeding via innovative and eco friendly methods evolved by the first franchising established in Europe and molecular extraction represent new key values of BY-entO. Research is the corner stone aimed at obtaining from specific food substrates, molecules, mainly proteins and lipids, destined to markets such as cosmetics and nutraceutical so as to answer to the needs of a nowadays avant-garde client  who's more and more attentive to the environment and wellness. By the passion of its founders BY-entO intends to implement the richness of its heritage, welcoming and searching partners and investors for its development and sustaining natural ecosystems and leaving a tangible trace in our Planet.