1. Managing Director
    BY-entO offers its products, cosmetics for the skin care and dietary supplements, containing extracts from insects, with the objective to identify new molecules for pharmaceutical applications. The number of species of the classified organisms of the animal reign are about 1,800,000 which 99,000 belong to the insects class. Robert McCredie May, Baron May of Oxford stated: « To a rough approximation, and setting aside vertebrate chauvinism, it can be said that essentially all organisms are insects » Analyzing the compositions of insects in terms of genetics and knowing how we can influence their molecules quantitatively and qualitatively, diversifying their diets, BY-entO customizes the insects selected and reared for the obtaining of diversified chemical formulas, replaying the unique proprieties of these organisms which appeared on Earth in the same period of first plants and they live in every kinds of ecosystem. The breeding methods and qualitative standards that follow patentable processes for Quality Control, the transformation processes and the extraction technologies, represent the core of our production.
  2. Managing Director
    In the future, world population will grow as to make resources insufficient, compromising the stability of the row materials. Insects are an alternative and sustainable protein source for the wellness and nourishment of men and animals, impacting positively on the environment, thanks to their characteristics: - low water and land consumption - limited gas emissions - high nutritional efficiency BY-entO is building a network of farmers who run small, eco-friendly breeding units which are self-sufficient thanks to the green energy used. Units produce semi-finished products: dried and ground insects for different markets as biotech, food and feed. The co-productive model is designed to meet demand and production objectives, cutting down costs and to produce positive effects on economic development and employment, especially in developing countries. At the end of 2016 BY-entO has achieved the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) winning the italian prize “Responsabilità Sociale d’Impresa – Innovatori Responsabili”, for the distribution of the breeding units in Africa and the valorization and development of the local economies.